Kindness EP

by Jordan Klassen

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released February 7, 2012

All songs written by Jordan Klassen.

'Go To Me' and 'I am a Collector' recorded and produced with Jonathan Anderson at Buena Vista Audio.

'Threads' and 'Call and Answer' recorded and produced with Brian Chan at his home.

Jordan and Jon played all the instruments in 'Go To Me' and 'I am a Collector' except for the viola which was played by Colin Nealis and the trumpet which was played by Nick Koole.

Jordan and Brian played all of the instruments in 'Threads' and 'Call and Answer' except the bass guitar which was played by Ben Appenheimer, and violin by Caleb Chan. Violin arrangement in 'Call and Answer' by Caleb Chan. All songs mixed and mastered by Jonathan Anderson.

℗©2012 Jordan Klassen (SOCAN)



all rights reserved


Jordan Klassen Vancouver, British Columbia

Fairy-folk from Vancouver, British Columbia.


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Track Name: Go To Me
Wake, with your head where the light always crept
through the glass, to your bed. And you breathe, and your breath
it is mine. And your heart, when it stops, when it starts,
when it's fast it's mine.

Be in the eye, where the war and the cry and the truth are at rest,
and your oughts and your best, they are mine.
If you're shy, if the streaks in the sky
shake the windows...

Know, I was like you,
and the sun came down and the dust blew around over me.
Come beside me,
with the pen in your hand and your hand in my hand
go to me

Let me give, let me talk, let me live
in your pillow. Kill your fear, whisper words in your ear
that your kite's in a box, that your boat's in the docks
and you're sleeping.

Oh, you got nothing,
you got nothing on me, that's the best place that you'll ever be.
Come beside me,
with the pen in your hand and your hand in my hand
go to me
Track Name: I am a Collector
I am a collector of your love
from a whimsy to a name that you have heard of
the heart of you I snatched is just a button on my sash
so I could soak a tear

I am a collector of the fear
that everything I'm biding for is not here
and losing all this sleep to think that nothing's mine to keep
and there are none for me
no good for me

Come away from nothing, I can show you
Come away from nowhere, I will loan you

There had been some plans that I had made
where we married in a church in our hometown
but if it came to pass it was as if I'd never asked
and I was left alone
Alright, alone
Track Name: Threads
I am sold to the open
I am holding a sail to the sky
I won't trade for a closing
I don't want to sell bread for mud pies

My mind is broke and I'm not a handyman
I'm not a wealthy man
but you can
with sticks and hands
come stitch a pulse where the threads have ran

You are not a fallen angel
you are not far away from my side and
breathing soft in the morning
blowing off all the scales of nighttime

And I can't hold my own when the blood is there
when tiny eyes do stare
but you can
with joyful hands
come wrap a blanket around this man
Track Name: Call and Answer
It came as a storm on the edge of something
a plough through the field, and the farmhand's gone running
and the cedars are a-shaking like men at their judgement
bowing to the howl as the dust churns about them

But where is your sound?

Ruthless, and cackling, and swept across the grassland
the fire comes burning and screaming like a madman
and the ground is a-trembling and split apart at the seams
carving a chasm and groaning in the shudder

But where is your sound?

Restless, my face is wrapped up like a widow
gazing from the mouth of the cave, open window
and quiet as the land relenting its fury
your song is as silent as the heart it is stirring

And there is your sound